Burger King



Discovery, Design, Prototype, Rollout, Installation

Product Prototype to Prototype Store Open – 6 Months

BK Corporate, BK Franchisees, Brand Bureau – Agency, RSI – BK Franchisee Purchasing Co-op


Working as partners with the corporate design and construction departments, we helped to prototype and build real-world products. We did this primarily through utilizing marketing data and producing high-level sketches and renderings.

After developing approved shop drawings and coordinating with BKC design on material finishes, we built out a full-size store in our shop. This allowed their Franchisee Image Committee to touch, feel, and experience the new design before rolling it out to their system.

After all input was received, we helped install the first 5 prototype stores. They were both on time and on budget, leading the way for the new image to improve the brand, franchisees, and ultimately the customer experience!


Develop design standards and products alongside Burger King Corporate’s design and construction team. The design had to meet brand and franchise needs, with the goal of implementing the designs at 100+ locations.