200,000 Square Foot Facility

Top of the line technology and tools are only as good as the craftspeople behind them. Luckily for us, our team is hands down the best around. Our team and our 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility (located outside of Chicago, Illinois) lets us create what clients need with the utmost efficiency. If you want proof, just look at our finished work.

Our project management team keeps our process on track and makes sure we keep up with commitments to our clients. They keep track of many moving parts during our process in order to make sure clients are getting their projects delivered on time.

No project is too big.  We have worked with clients that have anywhere from 1 to 300+ locations.  Our experienced team manages thousands of moving parts both internally and externally to manufacture and deliver a large project to proper completion.

We have some of the most skilled and detail oriented crafts people around. Because of that, our team puts pride in every piece we manufacture.  Our core values of passion and quality are exuded by our extraordinary crafts people.

Your projects require detailed craftsmanship utilizing the latest materials and technology, and we can make sure that happens.  Executing with precision using the latest software, CNC machines, and hand craftsmanship is what we do.  Our in house millwork department has over 25 years of experience building for some of the largest brands and exceptional clients creating custom cabinets, walls, surrounds, and anything else you can dream. 

With our team using the best tools and technology, our finished projects are a cut above the rest.  We continually assess and upgrade equipment and technology to give our teams the right tools to consistently deliver extraordinary results.

Craftsmanship Meets Technology

Our team of 150+ skilled craftspeople makes the difference.  Their commitment to our core values, with no doubt, are the foundation of SCI.  By mixing a great team with a great company culture, we are able to create the best spaces possible.


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