Introducing the future of table design – a revolutionary combination of a custom tabletop and advanced table bottom technology that will redefine your perception of functionality and style. 

 This partnership with Rockless Table is a natural extension of our commitment to delivering a product that surpasses traditional tables in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. 

 Experience the best of both worlds – a customizable tabletop that matches your style preferences (or brand) and an advanced table bottom that optimizes usability. 

 Say Goodbye to wobbly tables and Hello to custom space.

Self-Stabilizing Table Bases by

  • Instantly Stabilizes To Most Surfaces
  • Adjusts Automatically With No Hydraulics Or Fluids
  • Solid Steel Frame
  • Rockless Technology

SCI always strives to provide the highest quality products to elevate your interiors. By partnering with Rockless Table, we not only elevate your space but we provide a sturdy foundation for your customer’s dining experience. 

 Goodbye spilled drinks. Goodbye frustrated patrons. 

 Hello to worry free dining. 

Watch the Video Below


  • Available in Dining, Counter, Bar Height
  • ADA Compliant Bases
  • Stackable Flip Top & Table Bases
  • Available in Variable Lengths
  • Convenient Hooks for Coats & Bags
  • Durable Materials, Easy To Maintain
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Rust Proof Option

Available for Immediate Order

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