Buffalo Wild Wings

New Design - Corporate Remodel Program


Project Management, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Inventory, Logistics, Installation

10+ corporate complete store remodels in 8 weeks

Inspire Brands, BWW Operations, Multiple General Contractors


Thanks to our long-term relationship with Buffalo Wild Wings, we had developed trust and understanding of the others goals and ability to help achieve those goals.  It starts with project management.  Our team went through each location in detail to know the scope and size of all 10 locations.  We planned ahead and mobilized all departments to ensure material supply, manufacturing capacity, and logistics and installation.  By constantly communicating with the Buffalo Wild Wings corporate team, we were able to plan and execute and hit the customers targets and goals!


Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate needed to remodel 10 locations on a fast schedule to their new design Center Stage.  We had to mobilize our team to project manage 10+ unique locations, procure materials and inventory ahead of project start to ensure on time delivery.  In addition to manufacturing, we had to dispose/recycle existing furniture and install new products following corporate approved space plans.  All this had to be accomplished in 8 weeks!