And Durability


Prototyping, Testing, Quality Control, BIFMA

4 weeks from design development to test completion and results
Spring 2021


Source and manufacture new chair style for our customers.


No matter the type of space, SCI understands the many factors that contribute to a successful project. Design and aesthetics are very important and typically a way to highlight to consumers more about your brand or image.  Think about Apple Stores and their products.

But, we also know that having a durable and safe seating space are just as important.  That is why we perform in house quality testing using industry standards developed by BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association).  A national chain partnered with an interior design firm to develop a new look.  The proposed chair fit perfectly with the brand image and design intent.  However, it was not tested to commercial standards. 

So, what does SCI do?  We sourced and tested the chair ourselves at no additional cost and shared the results. The chair, while looking the part, did not perform for a commercial setting.  So we moved to step 2, and prototyped some minor modifications, tested to confirm it would pass BIFMA standards, and kept the interior design intent and feel intact.