Design, project management, millwork, prototype, custom design, manufacturing

Design 4 weeks, production 5 weeks, installation 1 week

VDR, Verano
Office Collective

With this being our first prototype for this brand, we knew working in coordination with our customer on prototypes and approvals simultaneously was going to be a key player in keeping our project timeline on track. Working together as partners, we were able to deliver the design intent intact, on time, and on budget, while prototyping, testing, and implementing various products at each stage. This alliance allowed us to set up the brand for future rollout success with a new retail design.


Our team was tasked with taking our client’s prototype design from paper to reality, including our engineering team developing prototype designs for customer approval, selecting custom finishes, completed shop drawings, and sourcing materials all within a 4-week time frame. Once our customer gave their official approval, delivery and installation needed to be fully completed within 5 weeks. While these were short lead times, our teams rocked it with constant communication & collaboration, meetings, and regular customer status updates.