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5 Weeks for first location full-store rollout

Trek Corporate


Partnering with Trek Bicycles to roll out their rebrand to 25+ corporate remodels and new locations is much like what their brand promises: high-speed excitement and progression, detailed precision and care, and hairpin maneuvers to adjust to unexpected environmental challenges. We had only five short weeks to complete a full store rebrand of the first location that included full wall wraps up to 60′ long and a wide variety of materials printed, including wood, PVC, acrylic, vinyl, metal and falconboard.

At the final hour, the contractor threw us a curveball and altered the front of the store, which required us to engineer a totally new 24-hour Service Turnaround sign, redesign all the vinyl for the front of the reception desk, and alter the graphics for one wall, all while keeping the rest of the installation moving to keep our timeline. Thanks to the on-site representation of our project management team and concise communication during installation, we were able to alter positioning of graphics where necessary, due to actual site conditions not reflecting design layouts.

Organization, communication and ingenuity allowed us to finish this project within their timeline and budget, granting us the opportunity to partner with Trek on multistore national rollout program.


Develop and roll out a branded graphics program for a multiple, nation-wide store rollout, with the first location requiring design, development, production and installation on a tight timeline.

  • On-site representation from project management team¬†
  • Constant internal and client communication¬†
  • Selecting budget- and supply chain-friendly materials¬†
  • All graphics printed, constructed and installed by our in-house print & decor department and installation teams