Capitol Hill High School

The Capitol Hill High School transformation shows how much of an impact furniture makes in a space. Seating Concepts pulled out all of our favorite K-12 furniture pieces to brighten the space, increase seat counts, and redirect traffic flow.

Before: Prior to the cafeteria overhaul, dark and dated tile cover the walls and flooring. Mobile cluster seating, roaming trash cans, and open storage left little to be desired. School spirit was next to nonexistent in the space with furniture and d├ęcor in neutral finishes.

After: Bright new flooring and fresh paint gave Seating Concepts a blank canvas to fill with furniture. Mobile seating remained a theme in the new space, with the pilot booth and mobile tables in both bar height and standard height. Open storage spaces now serve as additional seating areas. Crowd control screens and designated trash can locations cleared aisle space, providing clear traffic flow areas. Seating Concepts used the school mascot and school colors to showcase school spirit throughout the cafeteria.