SCI Announces Premier Partnership with Rockless Table to Enhance Dining Experiences

March 14th, 2024

Contact: Zach DePyssler
VP Sales

SCI Announces Premier Partnership with Rockless Table to Enhance Dining Experiences
Where Stability Meets Ability

[Chicago, Illinois] — Today marks a new chapter in dining innovation as SCI, a leader in
custom space creation, announces its premier partnership with Rockless Table, the pioneering company behind the patented pendulum technology for self stabilizing table bases. This partnership is set to revolutionize the dining and hospitality industries with a simple, effective, and stable solution that is available immediately.

Nick James, CEO of Rockless Table, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We are thrilled to partner with SCI, a company that shares our dedication to quality and
innovation. With SCI’s multi-industry expertise and our Rockless Technology, we can offer an experience that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and customer-focused.”

SCI has built its reputation on passion and craftsmanship, which are evident in their
high-quality designs and American-made products. The partnership with Rockless Table is a natural extension of their commitment to delivering end-to-end space creation.

“Rockless Tables’ self -stabilizing table bases set a new standard for customer comfort. They eliminate the nuisance of wobbly tables, ensuring that every guest enjoys their meal in peace and stability,” said Dan Scandiff, Executive VP of SCI. “Our premier partnership is a testament to our mission of enhancing customer satisfaction and experience in every space we create.”

Rockless Tables’ technology allows tables to automatically adjust and stabilize on almost
any surface, reducing the labor and inconvenience associated with wobbly tables. With custom colors available and seamless integration with SCI interiors, businesses can maintain their design intent and brand aesthetic while improving functionality.

For a free design consultation and to learn more about how SCI and Rockless Table can
transform your dining space, contact SCI today.

About SCI: SCI was founded on the principles of passion and craftsmanship. They offer
end-to-end space creation for a variety of sectors, ensuring that every project reflects the
client’s vision and brand through meticulous design engineering and production. Learn more at

About Rockless Table: Rockless Table brings stability to dining with their patented
pendulum technology. Their table bases adjust and stabilize automatically, catering to establishments ranging from fast food, hotels, to high-end restaurants. Discover the
innovation at

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