Commercial Booth Design – Restaurants to Cafeterias

The style and finishes of a commercial booth are truly driven by the type of project you are designing. From Universities to Fast Casual Dining, to Five Star Restaurants, you can design a booth with the perfect style for any space. Every aspect of a commercial booth can be carefully curated from the style of base and shape of the back and seat, right down to the materials used in its construction.

The base of a booth can depend on the type of space you are working with; in a cafeteria setting, it can be wise to use booths raised off the floor on legs, so they are easier to clean around between visitors. On the other hand, a booth in a restaurant may tend to extend down to the floor, as cleaning practices and level of mess varies.

The style of seat in a commercial booth can impact the time a patron is likely to stay at an establishment. In a fast casual setting, a quicker turnaround can be achieved by the use of fiberglass booth seats; while guests may be more likely to stay longer at a fine dining experience due to the utilization of high-quality foam seats finished with plush fabrics.

Differences in back pads in a booth can affect the tone of a space. A booth with a higher back pad can create a sense of privacy leading to longer and deeper conversation had by patrons; however, a low back pad can create a more informal environment resulting in a faster, more casual exchange.

The durability, cleanability, and hand of textiles plays a large role in choosing the right upholstery for your booth and overall space. Educational facilities and fast casual restaurants will typically use vinyl or polyurethane upholstery for their cleanability and durability; in contrast, more high-end dining establishments may use luxury upholsteries, such as mohair or leather, for their hand and look.

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