Gadsden County High School

Gadsden County High School’s most recent transformation brought their school cafeteria from institutional to inviting. What once was a sea of folding cafeteria tables remincent of elementary school is now a sophisticated and warm space for students to enjoy.

Before: Folding cafeteria tables lined the Gadsden County lunch room offering fixed seating with the only option being round or rectangle tables. The institutional cafeteria set up displayed minimal décor with the furniture being the same color as the walls and flooring.

After: The pilot booth incorporates school colors while maintaining the mobile aspect that was featured pre-transformation. Tuffy chairs and barstools add warmth and color to the space with a maroon powder coat and hardwood seats. Colors were specific chosen to highlight the striking graphics, mix of seating, and sophisticated finishing with the inclusion of wood finishes. Graphics added to the walls showcase school spirit and brighten the overall atmosphere.