Our Favorite Higher Ed Installations

When creating a higher education design you are essentially building a home away from home for the college students that will inhibit the space. Whether it be a cafeteria, lounge, or foyer; any space on a university campus serves as an extension of a student’s dorm room. This is where many students land after leaving home for the first time where all their familiar faces reside. Our higher education designs take this into consideration while designing areas that encourage socializing while exuding a feeling of welcoming and inclusiveness. These Higher Ed Installations do just that.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University sits at the top of the list for favorite higher education installs. This cafeteria brilliantly mixes industry and rustic themes with exposed ceilings and beams matched with different metal and wood surface finishes. The use of bold colors perfectly pairs with the heavy wood and industrial accents in the tables and chairs. The showstopper of this design is the custom curved community table with a laminate designed top, bringing in a modern twist to traditional buffet style tables.

Architect: Vision Builders

Products Featured
Chairs: Cast Barstool, Savona Barstool, Terrace Barstool, Opal Chair, Ronda Slat Back Chair
Booths: McDonough Booth, Custom settee

Montana State University

Next on our list of favorites is Montana State University. This install features a ginormous custom shaped booth that steals the stage. Different table shapes and heights give this cafeteria the seating variety it desired. Our Kaleigh chair creates a homey lounge area next to the café for students relax by the fireplace. The wall mural completes the rustic outdoors feel of this cafeteria that welcomes students to explore the nature surrounding them.

Architect: Vision Builders

Products Featured
Chairs: Kaleigh Chair, Tuffy Custom Back Chairs and Barstools
Booths: Custom shaped booth, Custom wave booth, Larkin Booth

Auburn University

Rounding out our list of favorite installs is Auburn University. School spirit was a major factor in this design with the heavy use of school colors and school logo. Custom engraved Ronda chairs and barstools adorn communal tables with power plugs incorporated, creating a place for students to study and socialize. The mixture of lounge furniture, booths, and communal tables creates a casual feel that effortlessly fosters connection and school spirit among students.

Products Featured
Chairs: Ronda Custom Back Chair and Barstool, Darcy Chair, Ronda Slat Back Barstool
Booth: Rock Island Booth

These installs showcase how design can transform dining halls to feel like an extension of a student’s dorm room. Higher Ed dining spaces are put to use majority of the day and it is important that these spaces feel welcoming and inspire socializing and inclusiveness.