Northwest Classen High School

What once was a sea of mismatched folding tables is now a modern dining space for students to enjoy. Seating Concepts was able to transform Northwest Classen High School with seating variety and school colors. Post transformation, this cafeteria is unrecognizable from when Seating Concepts first stepped into the school.

Before: Mismatched laminate table top colors and table shapes paired with dated wall tile and graphics left the cafeteria looking small cluttered. There were no designated lunch lines or traffic flow direction. A vacant outdoor space housed unused folding tables, leaving the interior less spacious.

After: School colors replaced the previous mismatched tables. Mobile booths and tables allowed for cafeteria to be rearrange and cleaned easily. Varied seating broke up the space using booths, chairs, barstools, and different table heights. Logo table tops compliment the new wall d├ęcor while tying in school colors shown on booths and chairs. Crowd control panels clearly direct lunch lines and traffic flow, keeping the space neat and tidy.