North Carolina A&T

Williams Dining Hall was in competition with a brand new student dining center on campus. In order to compete with the shiny new dining center, Williams Dining Hall needed to different and exiting. Morgan State requested the space be warm and casual to evoke a sense of community yet upscale and contemporary to keep up with the newer space on campus.

Warm & Contemporary

Neutral tones of upholstery and wood grains fit the desire for warm and casual. Floor to ceiling glass windows surround the perimeter of the dining hall. Warm wood finishes and laminates accentuate the outdoor scenery and allow plenty natural lighting. Interesting table laminates, upholstery patterns, and furniture pieces selected added an upscale contemporary feel to the dining hall. Wicker Park bar height and standard height were used along the glass wall to increase seat count without blocking the view.


Different seating nooks and zones enhance the dining experience for whatever needs the students may have. Large groups of friends, teams, or study groups have their choice in seating depending on the occasion. Community tables in varying lengths are perfect for team dinners while grouped booth seating invite conversation. Large soft seating groups house coffee clutches for study groups or team meetings. Smaller groups, study buddies or couples are accommodated through smaller intimate bother seating, small soft seating groups and two person tables. Free standing tables can be grouped together or separated to host different group sizes as can the lounge furniture.